Annual Assembly

The IIW Annual Assembly will be held on 25-28 June, 2017. The Assembly are technical sessions different from the international conference. Persons wishing to attend the Annual Assembly as a Delegate, Expert or Observer should contact their local IIW Member Society to first receive endorsement as a member of that country’s official national delegation.The Chairs of all the working units are then happy to receive proposals of papers to be presented. Please choose your corresponding research area and submit your papers to the Chairs via email, as shown on the IIW website 
Quick links to the Working Units are listed below:

C-I / Additive manufacturing, surfacing and thermal cutting 

C-II / Arc welding and filler metals 

C-III / Resistance welding, solid state welding and allied joining processes 

C-IV / Power beam processes 

C-IX / Behaviour of metals subjected to welding 

C-V / Non-destructive testing and quality assurance of welded products

C-VI / Terminology 

C-VIII / Health, safety and environment 

C-X / Structural performances of welded joints - fracture avoidance 

C-XI / Pressure vessels, boilers and pipelines 

C-XII / Arc welding processes and production systems 

C-XIII / Fatigue of welded components and structures 

C-XIV / Education and training 

C-XV / Design, analysis and fabrication of welded structures 

C-XVI / Polymer joining and adhesive technology

C-XVII / Brazing, soldering, and diffusion bonding 

SG-212 / The physics of welding 

SG-RES / Welding research strategy and collaboration 

SC-AIR / Permanent joints in new materials and coatings for aircraft engineering 

SC-AUTO / Automotive and road transport 

SC-MICRO / Research developments and applications in micro- and nano-joining technologies 

SC-QUAL / Quality management in welding and allied processes 

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